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The tradition of basketball in the state of Florida and surrounding states is rich with elite athletes. Even in a state where legends live and storytelling is a way of life, there are tales of hardwood glory that remain unknown to most. "The Florida Get Down" ill draw iconic superstars, local legends and thousands of fans to the city of Orlando Florida and Gainesville Florida, creating a unique destination for high-caliber basketball within a large and supportive community.

The state of Florida has attracted top players, legends and professional stars together all for the love of basketball. The tradition includes veteran coaches, elite players and countless magical moments. The city of Orlando Fl. and Gainesville Fl. will now be the host for future legends and unforgettable success stories that will continue to flourish and give birth to new and undiscovered talent.

It only takes a few minutes of sitting in the stands to understand that something special is happening here. A DJ spins classic anthems, the public announcer shouts out local hoops pioneers, half time entertainment and you hear the screams of enthusiastic fans in the crowd. A diverse mix of every ethnicity, culture and age group is a testament to the unifying power of sport and for local residents, "The Florida Get Down" offers the remarkable opportunity to witness the athletic feats of the state and country's top basketball players and student athletes right in their own backyard.

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Committed Teams!

✓ Oak Ridge
✓ West Oaks
✓ Jones High School
✓ EdgeWater High School
✓ Wekiva High School
✓ Sumter County – Georgia
✓ Florida State High School
✓ Thomasville Georgia
✓ Williston High School
✓ PK Yonge – Gainesville Fl
✓ Tri City Bulldogs- College Park, GA
✓ Victory Prep-Tampa
✓ DME – High School
✓ Oldsmar Christian
✓ Blake High School- Tampa Fl
✓ Potters House National
✓ Lee High School – Huntsville Alabama
✓ Cleveland High School – TN

Participating Teams

Post Grads

Clearwater International Academy (Post Grad)
Feltrim Academy (Post Grad)
Potters House Christian (Post Grad)
Oak Leaf (Post Grad)


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