Showcase officials appreciate the tremendous interest and coverage provided by local, regional and national media. Due to space limitations, the area directly behind the baskets and the corners of the basketball courts will be prohibited. There is wi-fi on campus, but limited table access at the scores table. Your access is based on your early arrival AND your level of clearance.

There is a “Preferred” List Credential and a “Top” List Credential to be determined by tournament officials.
“Preferred” List Media will be granted a fair number of passes based on national hierarchy: i.e: ESPN Magazine, Sports Illustrated, USA Today, etc,

“Top” List Media will be limited to 1-2 passes. For more access, tickets need to be purchased.
“Suggested” List…media credibility is questionable…tickets must be paid for and a limited credential may or may not be granted
The following policy applies:

The Official Photographer –
All individuals requesting media credentials must provide the following information before being granted (or denied) credentials.

If the information below is not filled out completely…there is no approval granted.